Men’s Class Ministry

Men’s Class Ministry

R.E.A.L. Men of God is a ministry of the 20th Street Church of Christ that believes all men has a God given purpose and Godly legacy. Our class is primarily to develop serving abilities, particularly in worship settings.

Our mission is also to build fully devoted followers of Christ by: (2 Tim 2:2)

  • Reach up to God and out to others!
  • Equip through study & practice for worship service!
  • Account to God and each other!
  • Lead our families and the church!

Men are wired (or taught to be wired) to be strong individuals but still need the partnership of other men. We are inspired by stories and movies where men rally together as a team, platoon, club, gang, etc. and accomplish something greater than they could as an individual. We believe this innate feeling of inspiration or awe is God-given. Christian men need Christian men to accomplish great things in life.


  • Prayer
  • Leading Prayer
  • Scripture Reading
  • Church Announcements
  • Public Speaking
  • The Lord’s Table
  • Ushering
  • Lord’s Invitation
  • Baptizing Techniques
  • Song Leading
  • Black Men’s History
  • Black Men’s Health Awareness
  • Men’s Seminar
  • Critique Worship Service Weekly

Brother's Fellowship Fishing Trip

Men's Seminar


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