Voices Of Praise Ministry

Voices of Praise (VOP)

We are an assemble which exists to praise God thru ministry and song. We sing to edify, evangelize and uplift others with lyrics of faith, hope, peace and love. VOP sings to give God the glory and honor for the things he has done and will do.

The Voices of Praise sing assemble is the off spring of the Homecoming Group directed under the leadership of the late Sister Lena Miller. About four years ago, Sister Tish Booker began directing and transformed the group to what is now Voices of Praise. Sister Billie Bowers now directs this melodies group of 8 tenors, 6 altos, 10 sopranos and a bass.

The purpose of VOP is to serve, support and give back to our church and others in areas that are needed. They have blessed the church with a new podium, covered the pews in the foyer and replaced Bridges awning. They go into the community feeding the less fortunate at the Beacon House, visiting nursing homes and ministering to the sick and shut-in in with spiritual songs.

Voices of Praise Annual Fish Fry

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